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Picturesque Croatian Vineyard Vows by Marko Marinkovic [RF Wedding of the Week]

January 6, 2016

By RF Staff

Marko Marinkovic, a wedding photographer based in Dubrovnik, Croatia, captures moments both quiet and glowing, his photos almost emulating Dutch paintings. He establishes a beautiful sense of space and scenery, so naturally he felt right in step with this adorable, personal ceremony in nearby Istria at the Meneghetti vineyard.

All photos © Marko Marinkovic

All photos © Marko Marinkovic

"I loved the scenery and the magical ambiance of the vinery," he says. "Having such a beautiful place, overcast skies, stylish details and a beautiful couple is a dream for every wedding photographer, I believe."

Edi&Marin_28Edi&Marin_33Edi&Marin_53Edi&Marin_59Edi&Marin_108Edi&Marin_120Edi&Marin_129Edi&Marin_144Edi&Marin_152Marinkovic captured all the key moments of the day as expected, but what stood out was his way of focusing on guests as well. He shot the newlyweds coming out of the church, but he also turned around and shot the crowd, and throughout the day was ready to frame some interesting reactions and interactions.

Edi&Marin_96Edi&Marin_158Edi&Marin_163Edi&Marin_161Edi&Marin_172Edi&Marin_187Edi&Marin_213Edi&Marin_218Edi&Marin_231Edi&Marin_241Edi&Marin_244Edi&Marin_249Edi&Marin_287Edi&Marin_294Edi&Marin_300Edi&Marin_302As picturesque as it was, they did have a little rain for a bit that threatened to ruin the day. "The bride was disappointed for a moment since everything takes place in the open," Marinkovic says. "Up to this wedding, I had never had rain. I guess I was lucky because in a matter of minutes. A couple of table clothes were changed and no harm done."

Edi&Marin_384Edi&Marin_373Edi&Marin_389Edi&Marin_392Edi&Marin_372Edi&Marin_395"There are certain weddings in which everything aligns together to make it just right," the photographer says. "Every couple dreams of a sunny wedding; every photographer dreams of the cloudy one. And for this one, I had it all."


Marko Marinkovic's Gear Bag
Cameras: Two Nikon D750s
Lenses: 24mm, 50mm and 45mm tilt-shift

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