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A Perfect Perth Wedding, by Maria Luise Bauer

August 24, 2017

By Jacqueline Tobin

© Maria Luise Bauer Photography

From what photographers tell me, feeling connected to the couple hiring them makes for an even more perfect day of coverage, as destination wedding photographer Maria Luise Bauer (who lives part-time in Germany and part-time in Australia) can attest.

"Right after this particular couple had filled out my contact form, bride-to-be Brie really opened up and was so honest, calling the idea of flying a photographer over from Germany to cover her wedding crazy but then said, 'I just have to ask if there is any way to make you come over to Australia,' and of course I said yes," Bauer says. "Brie and Shane have two dogs and a cat, and they are about as much in love with their fur babies as I am with mine."

All Photos © Maria Luise Bauer Photography

Adds Bauer: "We FaceTimed and emailed quite a bit during the year leading up to their wedding, and I got to know more and more about their big day. They had discussed eloping, not only for their love of travel, but also for their strong desire for a very private and intimate wedding. Coming from a large family, however, they decided that they couldn't imagine not having their dearest loved ones with them, including their grandparents (who wouldn't be able to travel). Ultimately, they decided to stay in Perth and instead make their day as much a reflection of them and their relationship as possible."

The ceremony location was an art gallery in Perth's Central Business District and according to bride Brie, "everything from the joint vows at the ceremony—where we took it in turns reading our promises and commitments—to our confetti flower cones made from world maps to our beloved dog joining in post-ceremony photos, and our siblings and their partners joining us on the dance floor to complete our first dance with us was everything we could have hoped for and more.”

The overall vibe the couple was going for was intimate and romantic, as well as featuring much of Perth's beautiful architecture, Bauer explains.

The bride and groom introduced the photographer to their friends and family, "and as it was the day of the wedding rehearsal, they took me with them for family drinks and everybody gave me the warmest welcome," she says. "Meeting amazing people like Brie and Shane and their family is a great experience and why I truly adore and admire my job. Capturing a wedding day is one thing, but since I’ve taken the approach to connect to my couples and to deeply care about who they are and why they do what they do, I have experienced that my storytelling has improved hugely because after all, this is what wedding photography is about: the people who celebrate their love."



Camera: Canon 5D Mark III

Lenses: Canon EF 35mm f/1,4L, Canon EF 24mm f/2.8, Canon EF 50mm 1:1.4 USM

Lighting: Flash Canon 430EX III-RT, put up with a flash clamp

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