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Nuptials at New Orleans Venue Race & Religious, By Lance Nicoll [Rf Wedding of the Week]

September 22, 2016

By RF Staff

As someone who has never been to New Orleans but always wanted to visit, I am excited to see parts of the city through wedding photographer Lance Nicoll's eyes. Here, he shares Ananda and Kevin's big day at the very rustic and charming Race & Religious in downtown New Orleans.


All Photos © Lance Nicoll

"Ananda and Kevin (New Orleans natives now living in New York) spent their full wedding day at Race & Religious (getting ready in separate suites," Nicoll explains. "The wedding ceremony occurred with an intimate gathering of friends and family in the outdoor courtyard. Following the ceremony, guests were treated to a full service sit-down dinner with a private chef. The timing for the night allowed for us to shoot some beautiful post-ceremony portraits with the bride and groom."

Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0035Nicoll says the couple found him online through a simple Google search. "There were only a few challenges for the day, one being during the first look being during high-sun," he says. "Fortunately, I found a small overhang of tree and vines and shot around that. Stealing time to shoot couple portraits is always a challenge, but we were able to steal the couple after the family shots for some photos on the balcony."

Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0011 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0023Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0029 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0028 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0034 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0018 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0025 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0036 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0039 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0030 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0040 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0042Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0068 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0026Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0070Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0049 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0067 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0046 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0068 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0080 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0052 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0053 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0072 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0082Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0056Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0103Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0099 Louisiana-Wedding-Photographers-Lance-Nicoll_0100"Ananda, Kevin, their friends and family all cut loose after the dinner, starting off with heartfelt toasts that were followed with dancing, partying, and non-stop laughter and joy," Nicoll sums up. "At the end of the night, the newly married couple ran through a run of sparklers and drove off in a their ride adorned with hearts. It was an honor to be a part of their wedding day!"

Says Nicoll: "Even though I shoot a lot of film this particular wedding was 100 percent digital and shot mostly with a Nikon D750 with Sigma Art lenses."

Wedding Planning: Satchel Planning & Design

Florist: Dunn & Sonnier

Catering: 1000 Figs

Ceremony Music: Annie Young Bridges

Rentals: Event Rentals

Reception Accoridion: Stephanie Reed

Venue: Race & Religious

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