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Is This Real Life? Logan Cole Photographs Perfect Couple At Chateau in Normandy [RF Wedding of the Week]

April 15, 2015

By RF Staff

Sure, there are perfect weddings, but usually they're editorial shoots for BRIDES or Martha Stewart Weddings.

This one? No, this is real life. This is what happens when a Finnish groom (Samuel) marries a Norwegian bride (Hildegunn) in northern France. A real couple. Try to contain yourself.


All images © Logan Cole

"Samuel and Hildegunn were two of the sweetest, most genuine couples that I have ever photographed," says Logan Cole, who was hired to shoot this melding of perfect genetics.

Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-00581-1024x682 Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-00571-1024x682Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01401-1024x682937A4636-1024x682Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01431-1024x682Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-00591-1024x682Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-00611-1024x682Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-00681-1024x682Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01451-1024x675Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-00871-1024x682"They truly were so in love with each other and not afraid to show it. Not only that but they are also extreme adventurous and were down to do anything. I think it's obvious how in love and happy they were in the photos." Um, yea it is.

Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01471-1024x682 Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01481-1024x682 Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01581-1024x682 Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01301Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-00061-1024x779But this kind of ideal environment and subjects posed a different set of challenges for Cole. "There were so many amazing places to shoot," he says. "The venue/house itself was insane and huge. Every corner and room was extremely photogenic... everything in the north of France is beautiful. It becomes overwhelming. Your mind starts to run with all you can do and shoot. It becomes too much. You really have to focus and not become distracted in environments like this."

Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01131-1024x682 Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-00901-1024x682Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01341 Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-00111-1024x682Also, there's a certain level of anxiety that comes when you're shooting another photographer's wedding. "[Groom] Samuel and his brother are both extremely talented photographers," says Cole. "I struggle whenever I photograph other photographers' weddings because I'm constantly worried I'm not talented enough or won't live up to their expectations. I just have to remind myself they have chosen me for a reason. I need to be myself, do what I do and never hold back."

Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-00141-1024x682Wise words from a young shooter who need not worry about disappointing anyone.

Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-00921-1024x682Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-00751-1024x682Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01361-1024x683Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01561-1024x682Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01201-1024x682In Cole's Kelly Moore Thirst Relief gear bag (with Pelican Case 1510, Hold Fast Money Makers and HoldFast Ruck Strap for the record) were: two Canon 5D Mark IIIs, a 5D original, Canon 24mmL f/1.4, Canon 35mmL f/1.4, Canon 50mmL f/1.2, Canon 85mmL f/1.2, Canon 70-200mmL f/2.8, Canon 45mm f/2.8 Tilt Shift and a Canon 580EX II speedlite.

Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01071-1024x682Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01281-1024x682Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01271-1024x682Logan-Cole-Photography-Samuel-Hildegunn-Taipale-wedding-france-01371-1024x682To see more of this flawless wedding (including a beach pre-wedding shoot worthy of a Ralph Lauren campaign), check out Cole's blog post.

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