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Golden City Magic in India, Captured by Danelle Bohane [Rf Wedding of the Week]

September 14, 2016

By RF Staff

India is one of those bucket-list wedding destination for photographers, but for this four-day series of celebrations, captured by Danelle Bohane (a 30 Rising Star in 2015), this wasn't a destination wedding; the couple had grown up in India. And for Bohane, this subtle alteration in technicality made all the difference.


All photos © Danelle Bohane

"Along with their family and friends, Nicole and Jordan hosted us so well in India," Bohane says, "and we had the most magical time there being a part of the whole wedding experience, rather than feeling like we were just a service. The bond that we created with people and the memories we made will be treasured for life."

After flying in from New Zealand to Delhi, Bohane spent a few days sightseeing while she recovered from jet lag, then headed to the wedding festivities in Jaisalmer, a former medieval trading center in the western Indian state of Rajasthan; it's known as the "Golden City," with the gorgeous sunsets, sandstone architecture and intricately carved temples, you can see why. Bohane captured it beautifully.

0002-Nicole-and-Jordan 0010-Nicole-and-Jordan 0015-Nicole-and-Jordan 0028-Nicole-and-Jordan 0031-Nicole-and-Jordan 0039-Nicole-and-Jordan 0044-Nicole-and-Jordan 0046-Nicole-and-Jordan 0056-Nicole-and-Jordan 0053-Nicole-and-Jordan 0066-Nicole-and-Jordan 0070-Nicole-and-Jordan"Being in such a different culture and setting than I am used to photographing definitely made this wedding so memorable for me," she says, "but also the connection that was made. Since I had events over four days to photograph, which made for such a beautiful visual story, being able to get to know the key members of the wedding also created input in the way I photographed. The trust builds between photographer and subject, so I felt I could get really intimate and people were at ease when I photographed them."

0073-Nicole-and-Jordan 0085-Nicole-and-Jordan 0087-Nicole-and-Jordan 0089-Nicole-and-Jordan 0092-Nicole-and-Jordan 0095-Nicole-and-Jordan 0100-Nicole-and-Jordan 0110-Nicole-and-Jordan 0115-Nicole-and-Jordan 0118-Nicole-and-Jordan 0122-Nicole-and-Jordan 0125-Nicole-and-Jordan 0131-Nicole-and-JordanDespite all of the beauty, Bohane says the heat was her main challenge, though, she concedes, that was more of a personal preference. "Anyone who knows me knows I am a winter girl and can get a little flustered in hot climates," she says. "I managed to keep my cool, though. Also, because we were there for a week and the wedding was on the last day, we had to be very aware of what we were eating to avoid getting sick over there—the good news is we didn't!"

0138-Nicole-and-Jordan 0144-Nicole-and-Jordan 0147-Nicole-and-Jordan 0146-Nicole-and-Jordan 0152-Nicole-and-Jordan 0154-Nicole-and-Jordan 0155-Nicole-and-Jordan 0156-Nicole-and-Jordan 0159-Nicole-and-Jordan 0161-Nicole-and-Jordan 0163-Nicole-and-Jordan 0165-Nicole-and-Jordan 0178-Nicole-and-Jordan 0179-Nicole-and-Jordan 0180-Nicole-and-Jordan 0189-Nicole-and-Jordan 0202-Nicole-and-Jordan 0210-Nicole-and-Jordan 0214-Nicole-and-Jordan 0216-Nicole-and-Jordan 0231-Nicole-and-JordanAll said and done, Bohane says this wedding was one of best experiences of her life. "I am forever grateful to these two and their beautiful families. I love that we got to experience something so unique and to be emerged into a really incredible culture that I hadn't experienced before."

0235-Nicole-and-Jordan 0241-Nicole-and-Jordan 0243-Nicole-and-Jordan 0263-Nicole-and-Jordan 0274-Nicole-and-Jordan 0284-Nicole-and-Jordan 0286-Nicole-and-Jordan 0296-Nicole-and-Jordan 0289-Nicole-and-Jordan 0297-Nicole-and-Jordan 0298-Nicole-and-Jordan 0299-Nicole-and-Jordan 0301-Nicole-and-Jordan

Cameras: Canon 5D Mark III (x2)
Lenses: Canon 24mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.2, 85mm f/1.2, 135mm f/2
Lighting: Canon speed lights (x2)

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