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Delightful "I Do's" at Distinguished Venue with History, Photographed by The Twins [RF Wedding of the Week]

April 28, 2016

By RF Staff

It's no wonder a photographer recommended Kelly and Caroline Briggs of The Twins, the sister wedding photography team out of Newcastle in the UK, for this Northumberland wedding; they were named Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars this past year (and in addition to their beautiful imagery, Caroline shared her expertise on how to keep your business profitable—look out for her in the May Wedding issue, too).

"After meeting Kelly in the couple's local pub for a drink and a chat, the deal was sealed and we were on board," Caroline says. "Ingrid and Graeme's energy, style and natural charm really shone through on the day, which was such fun to capture. As were Ingrid's killer red lips."


All photos © The Twins

brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer025 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer006 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer003 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer015 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer013 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer009 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer016Kelly designed the couple's stationery and table plan, too, a nice way for the sisters to get to know the bride and groom, their tastes and what they had in mind well before the big day. "It was lovely hearing their initial ideas," Caroline says, "seeing them evolve and come together wonderfully on the day."

The choice of venue was another thing to look forward to: Brinkburn Priory is a medieval monastery that is "absolutely steeped in history, charm and atmosphere," Caroline explains, "and we always love shooting there. A great start!"

brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer010 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer011 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer014 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer023 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer024 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer029 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer031 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer033 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer032 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer034 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer045 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer052 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer053 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer054 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer055 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer059 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer061That's right: the Briggs twins have shot at Brinkburn Priory before. Photographing a wedding at a familiar venue certainly has its benefits, but, as Caroline explains, "it always runs the risk of losing a fresh edge."

But for the photographers, there's an easy fix: "We draw inspiration from the two things that always change: the couple and the light. Each couple will have their own dynamic—we try to tap into that and let them be themselves during their portraits."

brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer064 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer065 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer071 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer072 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer073When it came time for portraits, the weather was "a typically grey and drizzly English day," Caroline recounts, "which lent itself well to using Brinkburn's crumbling (and reputedly haunted) Manor House for couple photos in front of the beautiful full-height, shuttered windows."

brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer081brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer083 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer085 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer087 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer088 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer089 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer097 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer100 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer101 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer102 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer107 brinkburn_priory_wedding_photographer104

Cameras: 2 Canon 5D Mark IIIs
Lenses: 24-70mm f/2.8, 35mm Sigma Art, 85mm f/1.8mm, 70-200mm f/2.8

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