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Celebration of Vows Between Two Kevins, Captured by Erica Ferrone Photography [RF Wedding of the Week]

May 11, 2016

By RF Staff

When Boston wedding photographer Erica Ferrone submitted this wedding to Rf, it was clear she had chosen one filled to the brim with ecstatic emotion—you'd be hard-pressed not to smile looking at the party shots. This wedding was a celebration uniting two grooms, both named Kevin.

mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-45 copy

All photos © Erica Ferrone Photography

"I met one of them a good number of years ago when I was photographing one of their brother's weddings," Ferrone says. "I fell in love with the entire family, and when they reached out to me about their wedding, I think they could tell right away how excited I was to be a part of it. They are an incredibly warm group that makes you feel like family almost immediately."

mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-23 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-26 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-80 copyFerrone says this is one of her favorite weddings to date (it always helps when you love your clients, right?). "Both Kevins are visionaries and put together a dream day, from their timeline to the incredible details that they spent over a year making by hand," she explains, referring to the hundreds of scrap metal flowers, the metal photo booth backdrop, and the various shout-outs to their love of horses including vases made out of horseshoes and a big metal sculpture of a horse.

"By the time their wedding arrived, I knew a good amount of the guests, including three past couples of mine, so the entire day was filled with fun, happy tears and awe of their hard work coming together."

mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-89 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-35 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-19 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-97 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-100 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-108 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-112 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-115 copyThe only tricky part Ferrone encountered was having enough time to shoot their portraits around the venue, an old mill in Holyoke, Massachusetts, called Mill 1 at Open Square. "The Mill is an incredible venue filled with so many hidden spots for pictures," Ferrone says, "and though we had a standard amount of time for portraits, I could've spent 4 hours with just the two of them!"

mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-93 copymill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-86 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-49 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-125 copyOne thing in Ferrone's favor was that the grooms decided to unplug their wedding, kindly asking their guests to refrain from taking photos of their own. "Kevin and Kevin had a vision for their wedding day and stuck with it," she says. "They had asked their guests to dress in formal black and white, which is a rare request in this day and age, and it worked out brilliantly. Their wedding day was 100 percent them."

mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-134 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-143 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-189 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-154 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-166 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-167 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-168 copy mill_one_ericaferronephotography_kevinkevin-175 copy

Cameras: Nikon D4S and D700
Lenses: Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8, 35mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4, 70-200mm f/2.8 and 85mm f/1.4
Lighting: SB-800 Speedlights (x3) and Ice Light

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