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A Magical Place Along the Adriatic, Captured by Thierry Joubert [RF Wedding of the Week]

December 23, 2015

By RF Staff

It's the day before Christmas Eve and I'm curled up in front of a fire in my Vermont ski lodge...only it's 65 degrees outside and raining. But that's okay, I'm still having a great time and as I looked through wedding after wedding to figure out what to feature today, this one, by Thierry Joubert of Bosnian natives Jasmina and Noah, struck me instantly.

Thierry Joubert 14

All Photos © Thiery Joubert

I am in love with everything Joubert photographs, and especially proud to have him as one of our 30 Rising Stars this year. Joubert doesn't just photograph weddings, he paints narratives with his camera, filled with light and shadow, his scenes subtlely layered with raw emotion.

Thierry Joubert 02

As Joubert wrote on his blog about his experience capturing the wedding of this London-based couple who work between London and Australia but chose to have their special day in Dubrovnik, "I’ve been woken up by the ray of sunlight piercing through the louvered shutter of my room, and I soon realize that the outside temperature will be very different from that in my room. The golden light coming from the wooden closet facing me makes me believe that a divine light will be part of Jasmina and Noah’s wedding day. The day will be trying because of the heat, I know it. But they chose this magical place along the Adriatic to share this moment with family and friends coming from all over the world."

Thierry Joubert 03

Thierry Joubert 13
Joubert continues, "A happy couple, in love, faces flooded with big smiles and an extreme kindness towards me. These stories are very dear to me, but the happy encounters that goes with them are all the more important. I can still hear the sound of the waves breaking on the walls while Noah was getting ready at the Excelsior hotel. And the magical light that prevailed in the place during Jasmina’s preparation. Light... This word often comes to my mind when I think of this day."

Thierry Joubert 11Thierry Joubert 12

Joubert was also able to capture an intimate couple session. "The place was made for them," he says, "it just suited them. Even though I was there, with them, they were somewhere else...."

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"Croatia will be engraved in my memory, so will their wedding day, our encounter and most of all this moment of sharing," Joubert reflects. "I still keep in mind the phrase that was wispered to my ear when I left their enflamed party. To me it was the most beautiful reward I could expect."

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