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A Jolly Old Wedding in Middle England by Luis Holden [RF Wedding of the Week]

April 22, 2015

By RF Staff

With an impending trip to London planned for May, some might say I'm in a chuffed state of mind. I'm drinking Lady Grey tea. I'm eating crumpets. I'm cheeky. All of it.

So Luis Holden's very British wedding between Teneale and Andrew was not sent to the rubbish bin, instead it was welcomed with a Queen's procession.

Teneale & AndrewTeneale & AndrewTeneale & AndrewAccording to Holden: "Teneale and Andrew flew over from Oz after holding their first wedding in Sydney before starting the party all over again with a blessing celebration at the Church in Whissendine, Rutland. In between this a whole bunch of us were able to head down to Rutland Water for a few pics and take in the beautiful calm of middle England at its most ethereal. So cool listening to the Australian contingent eulogize about England—sometimes I think that we can forget how amazing this pretty little country of ours really is!"

Teneale & AndrewTeneale & AndrewTeneale & AndrewTeneale & AndrewFor gear, Holden stuck to the basics: A Nikon D4 ("I tend to shoot with just the one body and a swift switching of lenses," he says),  Nikkor 28mm, 50mm, 85mm and Fisheye lenses ("My go-to lens at the moment is my 28mm"),  SB800s, PocketWizards and Lowel GL-1 flashes.

Teneale & AndrewTeneale & AndrewHolden says the only quasi-challenge of the day was the ever-changing U.K. spring weather. "I embrace every day no matter what the weather—a cold, windy day can look just as incredible to me as a bight and sunny day," the photographer says. "I storyboard every wedding that I shoot and when I planned out some shots prior to their wedding (when it was non-stop rain) it looked vastly different from the wedding day itself which was a calm, ethereal day."

Teneale & Andrew Teneale & AndrewTeneale & Andrew Teneale & Andrew

Teneale & AndrewOf the couple, Holden says it was nothing but genuine warmth: "Zero stuffiness, zero formality, just big hugs, bigger smiles and crazy-cool dance moves late into the night!"

Teneale & Andrew Teneale & AndrewTeneale & Andrew

To see more of this wedding, visit Holden's blog.

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