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Watch: How to Shoot Great Group Portraits at a Wedding

December 19, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Denis Reggie

Denis Reggie knows a thing or two about wrangling a wedding party.

In this video, the famed wedding photographer shares seven tips for nailing an awesome group photo during a wedding. While Reggie tends to favor a more photojournalistic style for his shoots, he says that those group shots are still must-haves for clients.

Some of Reggie's advice:

  • Use umbrella lighting. Reggie's umbrella of choice measures about one meter in diameter and is soft white, not silver, which is too harsh.
  • Use two flashes. You don't necessarily need two, but it's good to have a second on hand for redundancy.
  • Use CTO gels on your flashes to balance the room lighting and the wide-angle diffuser to ensure maximal spread.
  • Position the bride to the groom's right side and groomsmen behind the bridesmaid.
  • Reggie's lens of choice is usually a 24-70mm, though he prefers to shoot groups at 35mm and above (45mm is a great choice, he says). Avoiding a wide angle lens is important since you don't want any distortion in your subjects.
  • As far as camera settings, Reggie likes to shoot at ISO 1600 or 1250 with shutter speeds ranging from 1/50 (if he's using a tripod) or 1/125 (if he's hand holding) with an aperture of f/4.

Via: Shutterbug