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5 Tips for Triumph When Creating a Composite Image

January 18, 2016

By RF Staff

Great composite images are rare and difficult; they require foresight, creativity, patience and trust from your clients.

We spoke with photographers Seth and Beth Kerechanin in our January issue of Rangefinder, and they offered their five tips for triumph when it comes to illuminating the layers of a composite:


1. Be Forthcoming
Educate your clients about your style of shooting so that a radical setup like this doesn’t surprise them.

2. Practice Before You Try
Nothing is more embarrassing than setting up a composite, then not being able to shoot or deliver it.

3. Make Your Flash Your Friend
Get to know how the light out of your flash illuminates people and things from certain distances.

4. Think Linear
As the shot progresses, work from right to left (or vice versa) across the scene. This will make the Photoshop layering process (and erasing process) much easier.

5. Be Encouraging
Cheer on your clients as you progress through the shots. The process takes a couple minutes and you need to keep your subjects engaged and on your side.