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Don't Print Your Photos. Lick Them [Friday Fun]

April 1, 2016

By RF Staff

Remember all that talk about how important it is for photographers to print their photos?

Forget it.

A new app from the restaurant booking service OpenTable, dubbed OpenTable Taste, will revolutionize how we interact with digital images on the screen.

The premise is simple: rather than picking restaurants on the basis of pleasing images of their fare, you can get a little taste of what the dining experience has to offer. Literally.

Here's how it works: “Launch the app, visit a restaurant’s photos, select a dish you’d love to taste, tap the taste icon on the lower right, begin licking in the defined area and let in the flavors.”


You can check out how it works in the video below.


{And before you berate us or, worse, actually lick your phone, do note the date.}