Meet the New Instructors of WPPI: Jos and Tree Woodsmith

December 13, 2017

By WPPI Staff

Photo © Jos Studios

WPPI is proud to be hosting several new instructors at the 2018 Conference and Expo. In an industry that's constantly changing, our goal is to provide attendees with instructors that are thriving in today's market and can share some of the secrets to their success. Here, Jos and Tree Woodsmith explain their approach to client relations and how they're attracting clients that they genuinely connect with. Don't miss their presentation taking place at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. See you there!

Names: Jos & Tree Woodsmith
Title: Photographers
Seminar Topic: Authenticity = Success on Tuesday, February 27, 2018, from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m.
Years in business: 14

WPPI: Who are your ideal clients?
Jos and Tree Woodsmith: Our clients value photography, love, travel, adventures and enjoy a great conversation over a glass of wine. They believe human connection overrides everything.

WPPI: What’s the most challenging part about connecting and communicating with clients, and how do you overcome those challenges?
JW+TW: While email and social media can be "efficient" marketing tactics, they aren't always authentic. Our biggest challenge is getting past all electronic mediums and inviting people to meet with us in person. When someone inquires with us online, we immediately call them on the phone. We also send them a very specific set of questions that help us identify their characters. Creating boundaries is also important. Time is extremely valuable, so when we connect with people, we cut to the chase by being very real in what we say and how we listen. When we do this, our clients reciprocate back in a similar manner. We've been lucky.

WPPI: What’s your favorite aspect of WPPI and why?
JW+TW: Seeing old friends and making new ones, and of course sitting in some epic classes and finding the must-have gear gadget. Building relationships with other photographers and vendors is extremely fun and valuable. We've met so many influential people who have been a huge part of our learning and growth. Also, the insight that comes from the diversity of perspectives when listening to the judges at the 16x20 Print Competition really opens up new ways of seeing.

WPPI: If you weren’t photographers, what would you be?
Tree: A hat designer. Ha! Actually, I am one, but I have been on hiatus being a photographer.
Jos: A life coach.

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