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WPPI News: WhiteWall Takes the Edge Off

March 7, 2016

By RF Staff

The German print lab WhiteWall is adding new sizes to its Photo under Acrylic offering as well as a new option for its HD Metal product.

WhiteWall’s best-selling Photo under Acrylic line of products will now be available in ¼-inch thickness. The Photo Under Acrylic product starts with a silver halide print produced on Fuji, Kodak or Ilford paper mounted onto an aluminum Dibond base. It's then sealed under acrylic glass with elastic silicone for all to admire.

The company is also introducing a new, rounded corner option for its HD Metal products (pictured below). HD Metal prints are made on an ultra thin aluminum surface and sold in two glossy versions of brushed or primed white.



(c) WhiteWall

Metal prints can be extremely long lasting, with some lasting in excess of 50 years. Unlike standard inkjet prints (which can last for hundreds of years given proper storage) metal prints are more durable and abrasion resistant and can cope with humidity better.

Plus, they just look cool.

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