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WPPI News: Canon Goes Wide with New Photo Printers

March 7, 2016

By RF Staff

As we noted in our interview with print permanence expert Henry Wilhelm, the last 24 months have seen major inkjet introductions from Epson and Canon that amount to a major advance for the technology, particularly with respect to print longevity.

Canon inaugurated its new print head and ink technology with the 17-inch imagePROGRAF Pro 1000, released at PhotoPlus Expo last year. They're now adding two larger versions of the printer at WPPI.

The 24-inch wide PRO-2000 and 44-inch PRO-4000 use the same ink set and print head technology that was introduced in the PRO 1000 and deliver a higher Dmax and better gloss uniformity than earlier models.

Canon PRO 2000_01_fv_AThey also employ Canon’s Chroma Optimizer, the first time it has been used in the company’s 24 and 44-inch printers. Outside of the reformulated ink and more precise print heads, the construction of the printers has been improved to reduce vibrations that could impact print sharpness. Workflow enhancements include the use of three L-COA PRO processing chips for faster data crunching and built-in hard drives so print jobs can be quickly off-loaded from a PC and onto the printer.

Both models feature a 3.5-inch color touch screen, USB ports and wireless printing. They support three different ink tank sizes, a new 160ml cartridge plus 330ml and 700ml tanks. Thanks to the use of a sub ink tank, all ink cartridges drain completely before needing a refill.

The printers will work with an optional multi-function roll system which can act as a dual media roll or a take-up unit.

The PRO-2000 will sell for $2,995 or for $3,795 with the roll system. The PRO-4000 will set you back $5,995 or $6,995 with the roll system.

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