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WhiteWall Reveals UltraHD Photo Prints: Sharper Photos Through Lasers!

October 4, 2016

By RF Staff

We're used to hearing about new innovations in camera technology that deliver ever-sharper images on a fairly regular basis. But when it comes to printed output, progress toward higher-resolution images seems more modest.

WhiteWall appears to be picking up the pace with a photographic print product that it says produces the sharpest prints you've ever seen. Indeed, the company says its new UltraHD process delivers "twice the resolution of conventionally developed pictures" with photos that "appear significantly more realistic" than your standard print.

The prints are produced using solid state laser exposure alongside a new media handling procedure and a proprietary software development process.

Side by side ultraHD Photo Print and conventional print + WhiteWall.com

According to WhiteWall, the photo papers used in ultraHD prints are climatized in a special room with constant humidity and stable temperature to minimize laser beam dispersal.

In order to prepare the images and make the most of the exposure technique, WhiteWall uses proprietary software to optimize the color intensity and sharpness of image files.

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UltraHD prints are available in any size or picture format you like, from circular to portraits in sizes up to 97.6 x 48 inches. They can be mounted to acrylic as well.

As you'd expect, you'll pay a premium to have your work produced using the ultraHD process. For instance, a 12 x 8 Lambda Print on Fuji Crystal DP II paper would set you back $10.9. An ultraHD print at the same size would cost $13.95.

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