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Tech Tuesday—Ilford's Film Processing and Printing Lab

September 3, 2013

By RF Staff

Who says film is dead? Obviously, not Ilford. The company recently announced the opening of Ilford Lab USA—allowing customers to send their film into the lab for processing, printing and/or scanning. Digital files can also be uploaded to the site online for printing and finished scans can be downloaded from the site, with an optional return service on USB flash drives.

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Based in California, the lab offers 35mm and 120 film processing, along with its printing and scanning services. Not surprisingly, Ilford Lab emphasizes its black & white processing and silver gelatin prints, using Ilford chemicals for dip-and-dunk processing and Ilford Multigrade Express RC silver gelatin paper for prints.

No worries if you don't shoot on Ilford film; the lab will process any brand, as well as C-41 color negative and E-6 transparency stock. The latter is printed on Kodak Royal paper. The lab is also set up to scan 35mm, 645, 6 x 6 and 6 x 7  film to JPEG, with a choice of resolutions.

Mailers are available from retailers* and from the lab to ship rolls of film.

For pricing and more details, visit Ilford Lab USA.

*Dealers interested in stocking the Mailers should contact info@ilfordlab-us.com or HARMAN technology at 888 372 2338 extension 106.

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