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Inkjet Printing and Beyond with Hahnemühle [Tech Tuesday]

March 29, 2016

By RF Staff

Hahnemühle's papers are among some of my favorites and the company continues to innovate by offering different sizes and substrates for a variety of processes from inkjet printing to alternative photography.

A while back I wrote about a collection of postcard-size paper that's perfect for promoting your portfolio or gifting to clients (and on the flip side, the company also has new, larger panoramic-sized papers if you're creating scenic prints.) But if you were at WPPI earlier this month, you might have seen the latest addition to Hahnemühle's photo cards in A5 (5.83 x 8.27 inch) sizes. Like the 4 x 6 inch cards, these FineArt Inkjet Photo Cards come in a lovely metal tin for storing or presenting prints to clients. The A5 cards feature rounded corners and are available in Photo Rag® 308, FineArt Pearl and Photo Rag® Baryta. Street prices for the A5-size cards start at around $30 for 30 cards.

Hahnemuehle A5 Photo Cards Assortment

Hahnemühle papers are also ideal for alternative processes such as encaustic (you can check out some of Leah MacDonald's stunning work on her website—she also offers workshops if you're interested in creating beautiful encaustic prints for your bridal and portrait clients.)

Taking alternative photography a step further, Hahnemühle's new Platinum Rag paper is now available. This uncoated fine art paper is designed for platinum printing, as well as other alternative processes such as Palladium, Van Dyke, Salt Prints and one of my preferred non-traditional printing, cyanotypes.

PLATINUM RAG 1457651125000_1226635

This bright white, 100% cotton paper is acid free, contains no alkaline buffering and has been developed to deliver excellent dynamic range with deep blacks. Sizing has been optimized and this 300gsm paper, which has a subtle texture and can be printed on both sides. Available now in 25-sheet packs, sizes include 8 x 10 inch, 11 x 15 inch and 22 x 30 inch and street prices start at about $43. Get those traditional darkrooms ready—you'll want to check this paper out to build up your fine art portfolio or offer new creative options to clients!