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Sell Framed Prints, Make Money with Frameology for Pros

October 14, 2015

By RF Staff

Frameology is a New York-based framing service that lets consumers upload images and order framed prints.

This week they've launched a new service, Frameology for Pros, that lets photographers earn cash by selling their own framed prints.

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Photographers can use the service in one of two ways.

The first is through promotion. Photographers can generate a unique discount code for Frameology products and include it with the delivery of digital photos. The photographer will earn a commission on each framed print purchased using the discount code. Images can be framed by the photographer or the customer and images can be uploaded to the service from a variety of cloud platforms, including Dropbox, Google Drive and Flickr.

Alternatively, Frameology products can be bundled as part of a pre-paid photo package. In this use-case, photographers include a Frameology credit in their package, which is delivered to clients in the form of a coupon code. Photographers offer the credit to their customers at full price but buy it from Frameology at a discount so they can pocket the difference.

Frameology doesn't publicly disclose the percentage of revenue you'll earn or the margins you'll enjoy on their products, though photographers choosing the bundle option are free to set the retail price of  framed prints themselves. Frames are sourced direct from the manufacturer and Frameology prints images in house using a digital c process on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper. They ship anywhere in the U.S.

The service is free to use and you can sign up here.

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