Photo of the Day

The Hunt for a Halo of Light

September 11, 2018

By Stacey Goldberg

Photo © Ruby Mercier

Inspiration can strike anywhere—even in a restaurant supply store. That's what happened for photographer Ruby Mercier and model Julia. The two were walking around SoDo, a neighborhood in Seattle, when they came across this location. "The store was empty and we asked the man at the front if we could take pictures," Mercier says. "He didn't mind at all, so we walked around taking photos with fridges and coffee machines until we found this perfect spot of light."

The rays were just what the photographer had been looking for on this hot day. The sun created a crown of light atop Julia's head which, says Mercier, "combined with her gorgeous expression that I caught is my favorite part of the photo."

(Captured using a Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 lens.)

Photo © Ruby Mercier

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