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Tears of Joy [Rf Photo of the Day]

September 12, 2016

By RF Staff

Tara Welch Photography-1-5

Photo © Tara Welch

Emotions abound at weddings, which can often lead to heart-gripping images if photographers keep their eyes open for them. Tara Welch (an Rf 30 Rising Star in 2014) had a particularly emotional bride named Adrienne—the Austin-based photographer actually remembers joking around with Adrienne and the bridal party that she had somehow been able to perfect the "pretty cry," Welch says, "the 'pretty cry' being Adrienne's ability to sob with emotion without any unfortunate 'Claire Danes Cry Face' (no disrespect to Claire)!"

During the ceremony, at Pecan Springs Ranch in Austin, "the sun was hitting the couples' face from the front," Welch explains, "so I moved behind the couple into the grass. With my 200mm, I was able to hide behind the officiant and groomsmen and capture Adrienne's expression without being disruptive." To top it off, the photographer says she decreased her shutter speed, allowing more light to hit the bride's shining face.

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