Photo of the Day

Surprise Sunset

September 12, 2018

By Stacey Goldberg

Photo © Lukas Leonte

Weather was not on this couple's side both the day of and the weeks following their wedding. "We had to reschedule the post-wedding session three times due to heavy rain and really bad weather," reports photographer Lukas Leonte. Even on their fourth rescheduled date, the weather still wasn't perfect, but fortunately the rain did let up just long enough for this scenic portrait to take place.

The couple lives on this lake in Austria, and it was their idea to have the session in this location, and to stand up on the boat, Leonte says. "Needless to say, the initiative of them being this adventurous was enough for me to be inspired," he explains. As the couple floated, Leonte got his drone ready. "It was at that moment when the sun broke through and turned everything into pure magic—the whole atmosphere changed within a few seconds," he says. "We didn’t even expect a sunset that day but it was mind-blowing how beautiful it turned out. It was a truly surreal experience and the photo doesn’t even do it justice."

(Captured using a DJI Mavic Pro.)

Photo © Lukas Leonte

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