Photo of the Day

Spontaneous Motion

April 12, 2018

By Stacey Goldberg

Photo © Hannah Elise

This couple contacted photographer Hannah Elise to capture a picturesque engagement shoot in the canyons of Salt Lake City, Utah. Unfortunately, the weekend turned into a messy snowstorm, and driving down canyon roads was no longer safe. So they rented studio space at Studio 1918 and "the whole morning before the shoot was spent exploring, eating Wendy's burgers, cracking jokes and jamming to good music," Elise recalls.

She set up an "in-home" shoot, complete with a bed and some string lights. Running with the spontaneity of the day, Elise decided to have fun with her camera and create a series of experimental photos. "With photography, it can be harder to catch emotion because you're stuck in the moment. But sometimes you want to show that the moment was playful and fun, and that's what I love about this frame. It shows that playfulness. It's blurry, but not too blurry. You can tell they're smiling at each other and having a good time!"

(Captured using a Canon 6D with a Sigma 35mm Art lens.)

Photo © Hannah Elise

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