Photo of the Day

Quiet in Black and White

June 19, 2017

By Libby Peterson

© Belathée Photography

Annabel Braithwaite of Belathée Photography, a New York/Seattle-based business that she's been running with Dorothée Brand since 2003, decided that as this bride was getting ready to exchange vows, she'd pull her away from the clamor for a bit of quiet, and portraits.

"We like to take a moment with our brides during the getting-ready process," she says. "There is so much commotion that taking a moment to step aside from the craziness is generally a welcome break. This portrait was taken during one of those situations, and it really is more of an 'in-the-moment' image versus a posed photograph. Our work is often driven by framing reality as we see it unfold."

Braithwaite relied only on the natural, even light that was available and exposed for the detailed texture in the bride's hair. "The even lighting is key for this photograph," she adds, "and it allows for all the subtle details in the blacks to be captured."

(Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and 85mm lens, converted from color to black and white "because of the beautiful texture of her hair.")

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