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Precious Moments Between Newlyweds [Rf Photo of the Day]

July 21, 2016

By RF Staff

Photo © This Modern Love

Photo © This Modern Love

While picking a beautiful location to tie the knot may be a priority for many couples, this image is proof that stunning wedding imagery isn't about the scenery, but instead, all about the relationship between the couple, according to Tim Millen of This Modern Love.

Taken at The Burren in Ireland, a place Millen describes as having "an amazing landscape... a kind of strange rocky moon-scape peppered with wild-flowers," the image hides the landscape completely. For Millen, the beauty in the shot is that "it's all about the moment and the connection between Lauren and Garrett."

After a long day, the Northern Ireland wedding photographer says he saw the tired bride sit down on the rocks and gather her dress around her. "She looked so reflective and ethereal, like she was sitting on a cloud," he says. Millen then asked the groom to walk towards her to create this shot. "This is pretty typical of how I work," he says. "I try to add tiny suggestions into a moment that is happening without me, without disrupting the integrity of that moment."

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