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Perfect Timing in Central Park [Rf Photo of the Day]

August 16, 2016

By RF Staff

Aga and Marcin of Storytellers and Co. Photo of the Day

Photo © Storytellers and Co.

For 2015 Rf 30 Rising Stars Aga and Marcin of Storytellers and Co., this photo represents the quintessence of their style: portraiture mixed with street and documentary style imagery. That's why the photography duo says they admire this photo because "it’s not just a pretty portrait," and "it’s not just a randomly shot street scene either."

Taken on the East side of Central Park in New York City with a Canon 5D and 35mm lens, Aga says the calmness of the couple standing with their eyes closed is a stark contrast to the stranger, who she described as a "typical New Yorker: in a hurry, on the phone, not realizing we were shooting." The elements came together with "simple composition and perfect timing," Aga says. "We strive to get that ultimate perfection in mood, scene and moment."

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