Photo of the Day

Need a Ride?

July 5, 2018

By Libby Peterson

Photo © Katherine Dalton

When photographer Katherine Dalton went to find the groom, Tyler, and his groomsmen so she could shoot some group shots of them, he came to her with a request right off the bat: "We really need to take some photos with the van."

Dalton was curious, so she followed the guys to a nearby parking lot, all the while hearing from Tyler and three of his groomsmen (who were his brothers) about how each of them had at one point inherited the van from each other when they began driving. Then, "Tyler pulled around the corner in an ancient Mom van from the '90s, and I started laughing really hard," Dalton recalls. "I guess nowadays, when someone says they need a photo with a van, you imagine some kind of hipster Volkswagen or decked-out Sprinter van fit for that Instagram-worthy camp lifestyle, but Tyler's van was so far from anything like that."

She gained composure and told them, "Okay, let's make some photos with this beauty." Naturally, Dalton says, "the boys climbed on the back, inside and even on top of the beloved automobile. I did so little to actually pose this shot, it is miraculous. They made the van an icon in their family and friendship, and then they made an iconic wedding photo with the van, too."

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