Photo of the Day

Love, Lines and Light

August 9, 2018

By Stacey Goldberg

Photo © Renan Radici

It took a bit of testing to get this wedding portrait just right, according to Brazil-based photographer Renan Radici.

He had the vision in his head, a wonderful couple that was willing to be patient as he experimented, and gorgeous natural light—all that was left was getting the composition just right. "They immediately understood my idea and almost automatically went in to the pose and interactions I had envisioned," Radici says. "We had to make some adjustments with their positioning and distance from each other, but with a few clicks I arrived at the result I wanted."

Once the framing was on point, Radici asked the couple to endulge him in a few tweaks: eyes open, eyes closed and pivoting slightly to get the light in the surrounding Fortaleza Canyon to hit them just right. "This portrait with one groom having open eyes pleases me most," Radici says. "I really like the symmetry of their nose and eyes. I like the lines they form and the hard look straight at the camera. It provides a beautiful contrast between softness and stiffness."

(Captured using a Canon 5D Mark IV with a 50mm f/1.2L lens.)

Photo © Renan Radici

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