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Living On the Edge [Rf Photo of the Day]

February 7, 2017

By Libby Peterson

Photo © Niv Shank

Photo © Niv Shank

Niv Shank, an Israeli-born photographer and filmmaker living in L.A., says he had come up with this photo concept years ago. "It's a place by my hometown in Israel named Arad," he says. "I kept thinking about this specific statue and how I can interact it with human character, in some kind of a graphic image of a man against this wide open landscape, with some dead space of clear, bright blue sky."

Well, he pretty much nailed his vision, but not without some rethinking—he considered making it a three-person shot, "but during the shoot," Shank says, "I noticed that only one actor was really executing my vision." He opted for the quasi-surreal frame where the subject seems to be getting dressed on the deadly-looking plank—it's not; it's just the angle.

(Shot on a 35mm Minolta camera with Kodachrome film and afternoon light.)

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