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“I Do” in the (Texan) Desert [Rf Photo of the Day]

September 20, 2016

By RF Staff

jennifer moher

Photo © Jennifer Moher

"Hands down, our ceremony was the most memorable part of the day," says bride Briana Purser, a wedding photographer who hired Jennifer Moher (an Rf 30 Rising Star in 2014) to shoot her wedding in West Texas. "It had been really hot in the days leading up to our wedding and we were pretty worried about standing in the blazing sun for our ceremony. The desert can really take its toll on you and we were already drained from the work we had been doing to get everything ready. Just after we arrived to the ceremony house, a cool, ocean-like breeze blew in with some much-needed clouds and it couldn’t have been more perfect."

One of her best friends officiated, whose daughter, Harper, was the flower girl. "Originally, Harper had planned to sit with her dad during the ceremony to help keep her baby sister entertained, but in the moment she decided to stand with us at the ceremony site," Purser says. "It melted all of our hearts so much. It was definitely the happiest, most special moment of our lives."

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