Photo of the Day

Green-Eyed Gaze

February 12, 2018

By Stacey Goldberg

Photo © Pablo Béglez

"Without a doubt, this will always be one of my most epic photos," Pablo Béglez says of this engagement portrait. "It surprises me that something so simple can be so powerful visually."

When this session, in Gran Canaria, Spain, first began, however, Béglez wasn't quite sure how to proceed. "I had never photographed a couple with such different skin tones. I wasn't even sure where to expose the photo, on his skin or hers," he recalls. But once the couple embraced, Béglez realized this challenge was actually a great opportunity. "Their skin tones almost melt together," he says. "At one point, he touched her face and I loved it."

Béglez says there was one more key element that elevated this photograph: the bride-to-be's beautiful green eyes. "I asked him to bring his hand up and open his fingers to leave a spot for her eye," he explains. "I think her eye is what makes the image so powerful—her stare. It really feels like she's looking right at you."

(Captured using a Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 35mm f/1.4 lens.)

Photo © Pablo Béglez

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