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Eye on the Horizon [Rf Photo of the Day]

October 12, 2016

By RF Staff

Photo © Alex Richardson

Photo © Alexander Photography

L.A.-based photographer wedding and engagement photographer Alex Richardson met this bride-to-be, Ashlee, through his wife, who owns a children's dance company at which Ashlee works as an instructor. Dayne, her fiancé, proposed on a gondola ride in Long Beach, Richardson says.

"Dayne is Ashlee's rock," Richardson says. "I think this image captures their love perfectly."

Here, he and the couple had just stopped after a hike around the Malibu mountains, and as they caught their breath, the sun was just beginning to set. "I told them to just hang out and take a break," Richardson says. "Ashlee got close to Dayne and they embraced. I noticed Ashlee was looking over the canyons into the sunset. The sun was hitting her eye just perfectly. I pointed my camera at them and caught this candid yet very intimate moment. I love this image—it makes me wonder what she's thinking in her pensive state. Probably life?"

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