Photo of the Day

Dancing in the Dark

July 4, 2018

By Libby Peterson

Photo © Brett Heidebrecht

After couple Justin and Ashley tied the knot in the Georgia mountains, they ate as the sun set and prepared to move the party to the dance floor—"a decently long walk away," says photographer Brett Heidebrecht. They would have loved to have a brass band leading the way, but logistically that would have been a bit tough in the mountains, Heidebrecht asserts, "so Justin improvised and packed his boombox as a way to move the party, carefully picking music that everyone could sing along to—clearly he picked well."

Heidebrecht, however, had his work cut out for him: "It was pitch black and I was leading the pack walking backwards through the woods. Looking through the viewfinder, I could not see them because it was so dark, so I set my focal distance at about 8 feet manually and just let it rip. At f/8, I had a lot of leeway with the focus point, so I didn’t worry about that. It was a lot of fun and I left my flash on full blast to try and create as much depth as possible. I was so happy when I saw the images."

(Shot with a Leica MP and 35mm Summicron lens on Kodak Tri-X film at f/8, with camera set to flash sync speed and Leica flash attached.)

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