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Capturing the Wind In Her Dress [Rf Photo of the Day]

September 23, 2016

By RF Staff

© Jen Huang

Photo © Jen Huang

Capturing motion with a film camera isn't the easiest challenge out there, but wedding photographer Jen Huang, an Rf 30 Rising Star from 2012, was able to beautifully capture the wind carrying this bride's dress using her PRO 400H Fujifilm and Contax 645 medium-format camera.

Taken in the hills of Santa Barbara at the ruins of Knapp's castle, this image holds special meaning for the photographer because it represents a mix of controlled factors—like a great location and gorgeous natural light—and uncontrolled factors, like the wind. "Utilizing what is available and authentic to the location is something I strive for in my body of work," she says. Additionally, "I love the movement in this photograph, and because it is especially hard to capture movement accurately on film, I think it is very special when it happens."

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