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Calm Among the Storm [Rf Photo of the Day]

September 22, 2016

By RF Staff

baylymoore Sara-Jason_Handsome_Hollow_NY-032

Photo © Bayly & Moore

Prior to flying out from New Zealand to shoot Jason and Sara's wedding at a big barn called Handsome Hollow in upstate New York, Si Moore and Sophie Bayly of Bayly & Moore (Rf 30 Rising Stars in 2014) had a few "wildly fun Skype sessions," Moore says, "including a tour of our garden compared to their cactus on the windowsill, a general pet comparison/appreciation session, etc. etc." Beyond the obvious reasons, making fast friends with the couple turned out to be best; Jason and Sara's wedding was supposed to be outdoors, but some nasty rain decided to shake things up. "All the plans had to be re-jigged at the last minute," he says. "It was pouring with rain, like, torrential flooding downpour scenario."

On the lower level of this barn, "there were 50 people going crazy, moving everything inside for the ceremony and a few general meltdowns going on," Moore says, "yet upstairs it was just Jason and me and his dad and serenity. This is him making a few changes to his speech before things kicked off." There wasn't a single window except for one, all the way up high and mostly closed, to prevent the rain from coming in, "but it shed a wonderful pool of light, which was the only place light enough for Jason to read and write his speech in."

In general, Moore says, they try to "work really hard to surround the couples we shoot with a bubble of serenity, where they can just do their own thing and experience the day in their own way without being drawn into the madness of running an event. This is us hiding away from the craziness unfolding downstairs, always being close enough to catch people at their best but far enough away to let them be who they are."

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