Photo of the Day

Bumping Up the Mood

March 13, 2018

By Stacey Goldberg

Photo © Igor Veres

Photographer Igor Veres of Croatia-based Fotkalo says he got lucky when his friends recommended him to newlyweds Maja and Filip. "They're a young couple whose vibe clicked with my style of photography," he says.

For this portrait, captured the day after the wedding, Veres let the session unfold naturally. "I didn't have any great plans for this archway," he points out. "I just wanted something simple and effective." Once he had the shot, Veres applied the tilt-shift effect in post and adjusted the tones to make the final frame a bit moodier. "It is in post where I could really express some of my feelings," he says. "I love adjusting the colors to better reflect the emotions and elevate the final frame."

(Captured using a Canon 6D with a Canon EF 24mm lens.)

Photo © Igor Veres

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