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Blizzard Bliss [Rf Photo of the Day]

October 13, 2016

By RF Staff

Photo © Kelsey Goodwin

Photo © Kelsey Goodwin

It was a cold, snowy night in Edmonton, Canada, when photographer Kelsey Goodwin captured this couple with her Nikon D4. "My camera does great in low-light situations, but it was quite dark this night and I didn't have my tripod with me," she says. To combat these obstacles, Goodwin used a Profoto modeling light, shooting at 1/80th of a second and ISO 5000.

It wasn't easy to grab focus on the couple, the Rf 30 Rising Star from 2012 says, "but luckily they were troopers making out there in the snow," she recalls. In the end, the photo only needed minimal retouching, "just some lens distortion correction in Lightroom 5 and some tungsten-colored flare enhancements for the lit windows," Goodwin explains.

Seen below, a "punched in" shot, as the photographer describes it, is just as magical. Taken with a 70-200mm lens, Goodwin moved the Profoto light behind the groom and then used Photoshop only to darken the inside of the building and to remove what you could see of the photographer's assistant.


Photo © Kelsey Goodwin

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