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Beamed Into Darkness [Rf Photo of the Day]

August 4, 2016

By RF Staff

N+D Rangefinder Photo of the Day

Photo © N+D Photography

Wandering the streets and alleyways of downtown Kelowna, British Columbia, with engaged couple Ashleigh and Jordan, wedding photographers Nelson and Devon of N+D Photography spotted this shred of light as the sun peeked through the buildings ahead of them.

"We placed Ashleigh and Jordan in one of the beams against the brick wall, and snapped it," Nelson explains, "and we decided to crop it wide in post to have them stand out even more." With all of the scenery shrouded in darkness, except for that one fractured line of brick facade, we can plainly focus on the couple, only half lit by the little bit of sun. But in this case, that's all you need.

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