Photo of the Day

A Bundle of Joy in the Comfort of Home

August 16, 2017

By Stacey Goldberg

Photo © Sarah Sidwell

Recently, Nashville, Tennessee-based photographer Sarah Sidwell had the pleasure of capturing this new mom and her baby boy in the comfort of their own home. "I was immediately drawn to their living room," the photographer says. "It was bursting with playful and colorful decor and I knew I wanted to capture that."

Sidwell asked the mom to lie on her side on the couch and to place the bundled baby near her. "I wanted to be able to see this mom's face, but also to have the scene seem relaxed," she recalls. "I wanted to highlight the playfulness and interesting design displayed in their gallery wall and decor choices—which I think tied in well with the mom's clothing and the swaddle we chose for baby." Once they were comfortably posed, Sidwell moved some furniture around in order to achieve the composition that she envisioned, and luckily the natural light streaming through the nearby windows provided the perfect amount of illumination to complement the soft mood of the scene.

(Captured using a Canon 5D Mark III with a 50mm L lens.)

Photo © Sarah Sidwell

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