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Very Cool WPPI Film Gives Us Chills (Not Kidding!)

July 16, 2013

By RF Staff

If you've ever wondered what the WPPI experience is like, a new 13-minute film directed by Sion Michel and out this week takes you right there.

Michel interviews photographers, educators and exhibitor companies while they each explain what WPPI means to them. It's possible that some dust got in our eyes, particularly 0.28 seconds in, when photographer Dane Sanders relays the emotional role that photography played in his life since his father's death when he was three years old (make sure a tissue is within reach).

Look for cameos by photographers and speakers like: Jerry and Melissa Ghionis, Sue Bryce, Joe Buissink, Bambi Cantrell, Kevin and Clare Kubota, Matthew Jordan Smith, Doug Gordon, Jared Platt, Vicki Taufer, our own Jason Groupp, Dane Sanders, Blair Phillips, Tamara Lackey and the list goes on...

The film was made possible by: Nikon, Sony, Sigma, Graphistudio, Whcc, H&H Color Lab, Black River Imaging, Animoto, Kubota Image Tools, AsukaBook, Cinevate, and Bay Photo, and Triple Scoop Music provided the incredible music.