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Photographers Should Make a Pilgrimage to this Coffee Shop Shaped Like a Rolleiflex Camera

April 3, 2014

By RF Staff

It's safe to say that many photographers are obsessed with two things above all else: cameras and coffee. That's why a funky coffee shop in South Korea shaped like a giant Rolleiflex TLR camera makes some kind of crazy sense.


Located outside Seoul, the two-story coffee house, known as the Dreaming Camera Café, was created by a retired South Korean helicopter pilot with a passion for photography. The first floor is filled with a camera collection, featuring classic models along with toy and novelty cameras. The second floor is a seating area and photo gallery.

Both floors offer panoramic views of the surrounding Korean countryside thanks to giant, round windows where the Rolleiflex's lenses would be.

You can see more images below and on the Dreaming Camera Café's Facebook page.

(Via Oddity Central)