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Our Favorite Images of the Year

December 7, 2012

By RF Staff

Rangefinder’s staff members thought it would be fun to each choose our single favorite image published in the magazine in 2012, and share why we found it so special. Our picks show the range of tastes and themes that speak to us as individuals.

Photo by Scott Markewitz 

From “Shooting School Sports Like a Pro: The Definitive Guide,” in August’s Back to School issue. 

“As someone who shoots racing action outdoors, I appreciate the timing and positioning of all the elements in this shot. Oh, and the lighting on the rocks, cyclist and clouds way, way in the background are all perfect.”

John Rettie, Technical Editor

Photo by Jason Lee

From “Jason Lee: Kid Portraits with a Twist,” in July’s Portrait issue. 

“The children here have a spontaneous, natural look while at play. They’re being mischievous yet they still look so innocent. The concept really hits the mark for me.” 

Carl Lozada, Art Director

Photo by Paris Visone

From February’s “Photo Finish” column, Paris Visone’s Personal Vision.

“I love this image for several reasons: the nostalgic quality, offset by the edgy vibe of the two ‘hipster’ subjects; the colors; the reflections; and the fact that the subjects are friends of the photographer. The longer I stare at this particular image, the more layers I peel back. I love that about Visone’s work, and I love that she finds time to pursue her personal projects, which, to me, is what keeps all photographers on their ‘creative toes.’

Jacqueline Tobin, Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Jeremy Cowart

The cover image of January’s WPPI Preview Issue, related to the story, “Heart of Gold.

“I chose a portrait of singer Anna Nalick, from our January cover, by Jeremy Cowart. It’s the tiny details that make this image so interesting to me—the delicate, double rings on her pinky; the feather in her hand; the beading in her fascinator. Also, the colors: muted green and tan highlight her rich, red hair and purple eye shadow. It’s hip, artistic and made the perfect cover; it also proves that bridal portrait inspiration can come from someone who’s not even a bride.” 

Jessica Gordon, Associate Editor

Photo by Neal Urban

From “Neal Urban: Brides Took Over My Life” in  February’s Wedding issue. 

“I like the movement on this photo created by the composition. The use of color, as well as the dream-like and artistic approach, invites you to see more of Urban’s work. There are few instances where HDR actually works on wedding images, and I believe this is one of them.”

Susan Cegarra, Creative Director

Photo by Shome Basu

From “Shome Basu: Conflict-Torn” in March’s Fine-Art Issue. 

“My photographic tastes tend toward photojournalism. I have a particular passion for historical moments and the smaller moments that surround them—the way history lays its effects on everyday people. Shome Basu’s “On the Streets of Kabul” captures this conflict quite dramatically. A father and son look quizzically at the camera, two soldiers stand stoically at attention, while an explosion of birds centers the frame. The confluence of motion and emotion captures a tableaux of post-war Kabul without the sensationalism.

Harrison Jacobs, Freelance Editor