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NY Brides Regret: More on Wedding Photography

March 29, 2013

By RF Staff

We were recently tipped off to this survey done by New York Weddings in which 21% of 100 brides said they wish they had spent more on wedding photography. We wholeheartedly agree, as does Alabama wedding photographer, David Smith of DSmithImages, who commented on the survey on his own blog, stating:

"Every time I get a potential client interested in my work, only for them to back away with the claim, 'Well, we’re just going to get a friend to do our wedding photography', I cringe. I cringe not because I lost a job, but because I know they are setting themselves up for potential disaster."

So true, David. That being said, what are the best ways to convince clients that spending money on a professional photographer is worth the investment? Do you show them the good, or what COULD happen, i.e. the potentially bad and ugly? Tell us in your comments.

Article via Huffington Post.