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What Kind of Portrait Tracks Can You Expect at WPPI 2018, You Ask?

January 8, 2018

By RF Staff

Photo © Tracy Sweeney

As we excitedly count down to WPPI 2018 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, we wanted to highlight the new educational tracks that have been added to address the growing revenue streams that photographers are incorporating into their businesses, including newborn and maternity, sports and action, photo booths, drones, boudoir and filmmaking. Let's take a peek at some of the new portrait classes that will be on site to make the week one of your best ever!

Photo © Lola Melani

Lola Melani
MC05 NEW! Art of Maternity Portraits

Lola Melani, an acclaimed celebrity photographer known for her elegant and intimate portraits, specializes in maternity, newborn and boudoir photography, and her style blends editorial, fashion and fine-art portraits. In this course, she will teach you how to capture and create the perfect lighting while using simple studio setups to create stunning images. She will demonstrate her world-renowned simplistic style in photographing the pregnant form. This class will allow you to gain the skills needed to maximize each setup with different angles and poses to achieve a variety of images your clients will love.

Photo © Tracy Sweeney

Tracy Sweeney
PLUS23 NEW! Newborn Workflow Made Easy

Join international award-winning photographer Tracy Sweeney of Élan Studio as she teaches you everything she knows about newborn photography. Learn how to master Sweeney’s proven “One Set Many Images” technique that will save time while increasing image gallery options that boost profit.
Sweeney will demonstrate inventive ways to style newborns to craft images beyond the ordinary portraiture. She will also show you how to make your newborn images emotional and distinguishable so they stand out and drive more leads, separating you from the competition in a saturated newborn photography market.

Photo © Emily Lucarz

Emily Lucarz
MC65 NEW! On Location Newborns: Must-Have Techniques For a Successful Session Without a Studio

Good news: Newborn lifestyle imagery doesn’t have to include expensive props, lighting or studio space. It does, however, require an eye, creative process and the right planning. Come join renowned on-location photographer Emily Lucarz, who has been photographing families professionally since 2010, for an intensive course on capturing newborns, their families and the connection between them.

Lucarz will tackle, step-by-step, how to book the right clients, prepare them for a celebrity-worthy session and execute incredible images that get away from traditional, stale newborn posing. She will unveil all her secrets to troubleshooting in-home sessions, handling challenging lighting situations and creating emotional connections between families. Forthright, funny and easy to understand, Lucarz will walk you through sales techniques for in-home sessions that focus on actionable strategy you can take home instantly. Combine that with the motivation to pursue and you will leave this course with a profitable action plan, the tools to start an on-location newborn product line and an outline for making it all happen now.

Florina Romoser
PW17 NEW! Capturing Couples on Location

Florina Romoser, originally from Romania, is a photographer, educator, speaker, costumer, set designer and studio owner. She’s been teaching photography and photo editing for over seven years. In this session, Romoser will be capturing an engaged couple in unusual lighting situations, using several traditional and non-traditional methods to create stunning photographs. She will be using standard speed lights, light wands and light cubes to create interesting lighting in boring situations.
This class is very hands on and great for both beginners and those with more experience.

Photo © Luisa Dunn

Luisa Dunn
(teaching with Kelly Brown)
PLUS14 New! From Concept to Creation

Luisa Dunn is an award-winning Brisbane photographer specializing in the art of newborn and baby portraiture. Her style embraces both color and organic neutrals with a focus on capturing newborns in womb-like curly, sleepy positions photographed primarily from above. Join her, along with famed newborn shooter Kelly Brown, to reignite your creative fire and learn how to choose which ideas to pursue and how to turn concepts into photographs that reflect who you are as an artist and photographer. Dunn and Brown will demonstrate how they bring their visions to life by creating two unique setups.

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