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Harper Bazaar's Wedding Photography "It" List, and Introducing a New RF Photo Series!

April 28, 2016

By RF Staff

I was thrilled to see that some of the names on the recently disclosed Top Wedding Photographers in the U.S list from Harper's Bazaar included some past of our 30 Rising Star honorees (Tec Petaja, KT Merry and Corbin Gurkin, to be specific, in 2011), as well as some people I've written books on or with (Jose Villa, Elizabeth Messina, Christian Oth and Liz Banfield)!

Photo © Elizabeth Messina

Photo © Elizabeth Messina

Look out for a new series on the blog called Rf Photo of the Day, coming to you soon, where we'll highlight one image every weekday. We'll be kicking off the series with each of these 19 image-makers. Here is the Harper's list in its entirety:

John Dolan

Corbin Gurkin

Christian Oth

Liz Banfield

Feather Love Photography

Allan Zepeda

Tec Petaja

Judy Pak

Greg Finck

Meghan Kay Sadler

Sylvie Gil


Elizabeth Messina

Jose Villa

Aaron Delesie

KT Merry

Heather Waraksa

Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Leo Patrone

Congratulations to all of you. This honor is very well-deserved!