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Get Your Beach Bags Ready For Rangefinder's Photo Book Giveaway!

May 31, 2016

By RF Staff

Memorial Day may have come and gone, and while for many of you that signals the start of a very busy wedding season, it's also the "unofficial" start of the summer season and time for fun in the sun. If you're beach bag is feeling a little light this time of year, you're in luck! Rangefinder has partnered with several book publishers to help you fill your bag with hot-off-the-presses photo books that are sure to keep you motivated and inspired even on those lazy beach days. We've partnered with the generous folks at Rocky Nook, Thames & Hudson and Artbook to bring you seven great educational and inspirational photo books.

Five lucky Rangefinder fans are going to win a prize pack that will include at least three of the titles listed below. Want to enter to win? It's simple:

1. LIKE Rangefinder’s Facebook page (if you haven’t already).

2. LIKE the Facebook post announcing the giveaway. (And why not share it with your friends for good measure, too?) For convenience, we’ve pinned it to the top of our Facebook page for the duration of the giveaway so it’s easy to locate.

3. CHECK back on Rangefinder’s Facebook page every week for more giveaway announcements, as well as the latest news and stories covering the wedding and portrait photography industry!

The photo book giveaway is open to all entrants in the U.S. and will run until Sunday, June 5, 2016, at 5 p.m. EST, so be sure to share the message with your friends before time runs out! Five winners will be selected randomly and will be announced the following week after the entry deadline (the week of June 6).

Want to know which books we've got up for grabs? The five prize packs will contain at least three of the following publications:


Picture Perfect Lighting: An Innovative Lighting System for Photographing People by Roberto Valenzuela

Rocky Nook | 340 pp. | $49.99

In his third book, world-renowned photographer Roberto Valenzuela provides readers with an original system for understanding and controlling light in photography in any situation. (Check out Rangefinder's full review and an excerpt from the book here.)


We Are Gods in the Chrysalis by Meghan Boody

Kerber | 165 pp. | $55

A pioneer for her use of Photoshop and digital imaging, Meghan Boody is best known for her dreamlike tableaux, composed of hundreds of Photoshop layers, depicting young women in classically masculine, heroic quests. In We are Gods in the Chrysalis, Boody photographs costumed models in her studio and then digitally transports them into fantastical environments.

Yokainoshima 9780500544594

Yokainoshima: Island of Monsters by Charles Fréger

Thames & Hudson | 256 pp. | $40

In Yokainoshima: Island of Mystery, photographer Charles Fréger explores the variety of masks, costumes, and characters that have reappeared over generations in Japanese culture. Three essays by specialists in Japanese culture and anthropology, as well as an illustrated reference guide to regional characters and groups, complement the images and place the colorful costumes in context with descriptions of local festivals, dances, and rituals where they are worn.


Morandi's Objects by Joel Meyerowitz

Damiani | 116 pp. | $50

In Spring 2015, the photographer Joel Meyerowitz sat at the work table in still life painter Giorgio Morandi’s home in Bologna, Italy.  Using only the warm natural light in the room, Meyerowitz photographed Morandi’s objects—vases, shells, pigment-filled bottles, silk flowers, tins, funnels, watering cans—in Morandi's iconic environment. The collection of those works are published in Morandi's Objects. (Check out additional images from the book in PDN's recent Photo of the Day blog.)

Magnum Cycling 9780500544570

Magnum Cycling by Guy Andrews

Thames & Hudson | 256 pp. | $50

Cycling journalist Guy Andrews gathers a collection of images that cover cycling events like the Tour de France from the Magnum archives in Magnum Cycling. The text—including interviews with several of the featured photographers and descriptive captions—provide detailed background information on the events depicted and the motivation behind the images.


Food Photography: A Beginner's Guide to Creating Appetizing Images by Corinna Gisseman

Rocky Nook | 232 pp. | $40

In Food Photography, author and professional food photographer Corinna Gissemann walks you through the best set-ups, props, styling tips, and post-processing solutions needed to create irresistible food photos—perfect for helping your clients remember how delicious their meals tasted on the big day.

Family Photography Now 9780500544532

Family Photography Now by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren

Thames & Hudson | 240 pp. | $45

Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren's Family Photography Now presents 40 international photographers who have turned their lens on the complex dynamics of the family, whether their own or other people’s. Complete with profiles revealing each photographer’s story and working methodology, this book is intended to draw in photographers both professional and amateur. Don't miss Rangefinder's review of the book in the June issue, and keep an eye out for an excerpt coming out later this month on!