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Gary Fong Shows Off Two New Lighting Accessories at WPPI

March 5, 2014

By RF Staff

Photographer turned lighting accessory entrepreneur Gary Fong was showing off two of his new lighting products at the WPPI show in Las Vegas this week. The new accessories include the Lightbulb Adapter Kit ($50) and the LightBlade Flash Diffuser ($35).


The Lightbulb Adapter Kit is designed to let photographers turn an ordinary lightbulb into a soft, flattering constant light source for still photography and video. The adapter kit attaches to a light socket with an AC power plug (or a Europlug), and then allows you to add Fong's popular Lightsphere modifier (not included) on top.

Attach the set-up to a lightstand and you've got  a professional quality indirect light for a fraction of the cost of continuous studio lighting, according to Fong.


Fong was demonstrating the Lightbulb Adapter Kit at WPPI and he recommended using a Philips LED 11-watt (60 watt equivalent) soft white dimmable bulb, which you can get at most hardware stores for around $20.

Check out a demo video of the Lightbulb Adapter Kit here.

The LightBlade Flash Diffuser is a stripped down, more portable version of Fong's Lightsphere. The translucent, white plastic LightBlade Diffuser sheath attaches to the top of your speedlight flash and is designed to soften its harsh light while minimizing shadows and reducing glare to help you capture more accurate skintones for portrait photography.

Gary-Fong-LightBlade-01Check out a demo video of the LightBlade Flash Diffuser here.