February 2017

The How-To Issue

© Amber Gress

When you think of a city environment, romantic, peaceful and artistic are not words that immediately spring to mind. This urban portrait from Brookyln-based photographer Amber Gress, however, offers just that. The groom, seen here just before the first look, is standing in front of a massive black-and-white mural with the word ‘YES!’ painted on it, “so it’s pretty apropos for the moment,” Gress says. Shot in a tunnel, the light filters in beautifully from end to end, with some fall off at the center. “I love shooting in tunnels for this very reason—you can really play with how the light is used on the subject.”

Gress is one of several photographers who contributed to this month’s How-To issue. She, along with Heather Shuker of Eclection Photography and The Hendrys, lends her advice on how to make urban environments look light, clean and beautiful—whether it’s day or night. You’ll also find how-to tips from photographers like Jerry Ghionis, Ben Sasso, Michael Busse of Chellise Michael Photography, Lance Nicoll, Amanda Holloway and many more this month. So whether you’re in a creative rut, want to enhance your shooting techniques or boost your business with innovative branding tactics, the February Issue has got it all.

We’ve also got reviews of Olympus’ new flagship OM-D E-M1 Mark II, Capture One Pro 10 software and today’s top drones. 

Creative Direction: Stefan Sagmeister
Studio and illustrator: Sagmeister & Walsh
Design: Wade Jeffree
Painting: Coby Kennedy
Commissioners: DUMBO Improvement District, Two Trees Management Co, NYCDOT Urban Art Program