October 2017

The Buyer’s Guide

© Photo © Zach Settewongse


Photography is all about executing your own unique vision, but having the right gear can certainly help make that vision a reality. Just take a look at all that we’ve rounded up in the October Buyer’s Guide. Rf‘s tech reviewers have hand-picked their top gear selects—from drones to cameras to bags to photo paper and everything in between, including this funky-looking tripod from Joby called the GorillaPod 1K, which can be molded and shaped to stabilize your gear on just about any surface.

You’ll discover tons more late-breaking and top-performing gear in the 2017 Buyer’s Guide. Whether you’re shopping for a new camera (mirrorless, film or DSLR), in search of a new printer, eyeing a new lens or in need of more storage (and who isn’t?), the 2017 Buyer’s Guide is sure to have a match for your needs.

And of course, we’ve also loaded this issue with the wedding and portrait news you crave, including a review of Roberto Valenzuela’s new Wedding Storyteller, Volume 1, legal advice from our contributing lawyer Aaron M. Arce Stark about what to do when clients demand RAW files, three technically masterful lighting setup breakdowns from San Francisco portrait shooter Tom Sanders and so much more.