May 2017

The After Capture Issue

© © Jen Huang

This month we’re talking all about what happens after you click the shutter, from time-saving tips for streamlining your workflow to honing your signature look in post and working with skilled retouchers to perfect the outsourcing process.

We also spoke with wedding photographer Jen Huang, known for creating a consistent look in post-production. She captured our May cover photo, a serene portrait for a Sarah Janks Wedding Gowns look book. Huang and her husband handcrafted the nude-blush backdrop and, to add an element of nature and fragility to the scene, had the model hold a hellebore bloom (which Huang says are one of her favorite flowers). “I felt that the tones fit perfectly with the floral lace dress and background,” she adds.

Also in this issue, a roundup of the must-have filmmaking tools, Rf’s Wedding Contest winners gallery, legal advice about forming an LLC, same-day slideshow pointers from Jerry Ghionis and so much more!